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When You Love What You Do

By on Aug 2, 2013 in Motivation | 0 comments


Photo Credit: Emmanuel Huybrechts

When you love what you do things are not as easy as you might think. Somehow hard work weasels it’s way into your circle of friends and slowly lulls you into it’s confidence. You may not work all day every day, but while you’re not working you’re thinking about it. Even when you’re not thinking about it it’s there in your mind rising to a boil, or growing like a seed preparing itself for sunlight.

When you love what you do hard work is still hard and it’s made harder by the fact that you have the worse bosshole on the face of the planet…you. Your real boss may yell at you for not getting it done, but when you love what you do the pressure for getting things done comes from within. Passion will put a fire under you hotter than any boss or deadline could ever hope to burn.

The truth is, in the end loving what you do doesn’t mean a damn thing if you don’t do your work. Loving what you do is not the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning. You’re entering the arena now and it’s time to get it done. Time to stop talking and start doing. Things don’t get done by dreaming about them. Love, passion, and ideas all come and go, but action is what makes the world outside move.

Bring your ideas to life, do your work.


If you love what you do…you should probably get to work! 😉 Or let me know what makes you love your work so much by posting a comment below.

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