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The Internet Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

By on Jan 23, 2014 in Web Design | 2 comments


What is an Internet Zombie?

Imagine this, you’re walking down the street and you’re on  your phone, trying to find somewhere to eat. You mindlessly wander into the street when a huge truck comes by, someone screams, “WATCH OUT!!” and the truck wizzes by narrowly missing your confused, distracted face. You fall on your butt and sit there wondering what just happened. You, my friend, have just experienced yet another tell tale sign of what I like to call “The Internet Zombie Apocalypse”.


Surviving the Internet Zombie Apocalypse

If you’re going to survive the internet zombie apocalypse, you’ve got to put safety first, be prepared, and do your part to prevent infection. With a little bit of preparation and the proper know how, you’ll be saving lives and killing hoards of internet zombies in no time. First things first, time for a safety briefing.

Safety first – Be aware

The first rule to surviving the zombie apocalypse is BE AWARE. During the Internet Zombie Apocalypse, people are going to be wandering around everywhere staring at their mobile phones. Do not be one of these people! When you’re out and about, put your phone away and be conscious of your surroundings. Only use your phone when absolutely necessary. Nobody wants to clean your guts up off the street so BE AWARE and be safe.

In case of infection – LOOK UP!

If you find yourself slowly plodding along like a zombie, paying no attention to the people or circumstances around you, you’ve been infected, LOOK UP! Put your phone away immediately and look around. Welcome back to the real world my friend, please don’t get hit by a truck.

Prevention – Do your part

Most internet zombies are spending their time doing one thing. Looking for what you have to offer so please don’t make them search around or sit waiting for your website to load. Do your part to prevent distracted, confused internet zombies. Get your website fast and mobile ready ASAP.

Weapons Assessment – Adaptive mobile websites

If your website takes forever to load on a mobile phone, someone somewhere is probably getting hit by a truck right now and you know what? It’s on you.

The best weapons to combat against internet zombies are fast, adaptive, mobile websites. If you don’t take the time to do a proper weapons assessment and get a mobile ready website, people could freaking die!

Save lives – Get a fast mobile website

Having a mobile website kills internet zombies and saves lives all at the same time. Do your part to make the internet a better place. Get a fast, mobile ready website today…and please watch out for zombies.



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