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Your website lies right at the heart of your business. It’s often your first opportunity to present your products and services to potential customers in a professional and engaging way.


Get More Customers with Your Website

We ensure that your website prompts visitors in your target market to take the actions you want them to take. Whether that’s getting in touch with you, buying a product or service, or signing up for a newsletter, we make sure your website generates real results.


From Design and Development to Launch and Analytics

Chrysalis Web Development offers your business an engaging, professional website that is easy to navigate and search engine optimized. We ensure that your website satisfies the goals of your business by highlighting relevant information that helps your existing and potential clients get what they need to take the next step and get in touch with you.

Once your website is launched, we’ll set you up with hosting and we’ll train you to use your new content management system. This will allow you to easily update the website anytime without worrying about the technical details.

We’ll also set up analytics and train you and your staff to use the reports so you can continuously improve your website’s performance and appeal. This way your website will be an automated marketing machine that continuously brings you more business with each passing day.


Your Website May Include:

  • Blog with RSS Feed
    One of the best ways to continuously increase your authority and establish yourself as an expert is to have a frequently updated blog. This also has the added benefit of improving your search engine optimization as well as giving you valuable content to share on social media and via email with your audience. All of this will increase traffic to your website and awareness of your brand in your market. Take it a step further by including targeted keywords which link back to your sales pages throughout your blog.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    Gone are the days of needing to know HTML or hiring a developer every time you want to make a small change on your website. Your new website will come ready to go with a fully secure and easy to use CMS. This will allow you to update text, images, videos, photo galleries, image slideshows, and more in real time without worrying about the technical details.
  • Custom Web App Features
    We can setup pages with advanced features like updating data on a back end server by filling out a simple form and clicking “send”. The limit to what your website can do for your business stretches as far as your imagination can reach and beyond.
  • Email Marketing
    Get in front of your target audience longer and more often by sending out recurring, branded emails with your latest blog posts, videos, events, or latest news. Offer your prospective customers valuable downloads in exchange for their email addresses to continuously grow your email list and create a large, captive audience for your brand.
  • Events Calendar
    Add an events calendar to your website to notify your customers and prospects of your upcoming appearances and gatherings. Post links to your events calendar entries to social media and share them on your blog to spread the word and ensure that your events are packed wall to wall with the right people.
  • FAQs
    Save yourself and your customers time by adding a frequently asked questions page to your website. This will save you from repeating yourself while guiding your customers to the information they need to do business with you. In addition, if someone searches for one of your questions on a search engine, they will find your page, click through to your website, and be introduced to your brand.
  • Google Analytics Setup
    Keep a pulse on your website’s performance by tracking visitor counts, page views, and even how long people are staying on your site with Google Analytics. We’ll show you how to view and interpret the reports so you can continuously improve your website over time.
  • Latest News
    Keep your customers and prospects up to date on what’s happening in your business by posting news articles, videos, interviews, and more. This will increase your expert status in your industry and keep your website’s popularity up on search engines.
  • Members Only Area
    Create an exclusive, password protected area on your website where only members are allowed. Take it a step further and create recurring revenue by re-directing non-members to sales pages enticing them to join the club when they attempt to access exclusive content.
  • Mobile Version of Your Website 
    There are now more mobile devices accessing the web than desktops or laptops. We will ensure that your website is fast and easy to use on any device from iPhones to iPads to desktop PCs.
  • Online Forms
    From a simple contact form to an advanced custom quote application, we can develop online forms that automate and simplify your business processes. When a form is submitted, both you and your customer will receive separate emails making it easy and efficient for everyone to move forward.
  • PDF Downloads
    We make it easy for your visitors to download and view important documents in PDF format. They can view the documents immediately right in their browser or download them to read at their convenience.
  • Photo Gallery
    High quality photos are a key element of any website. We make it easy to create beautiful photo galleries your customers will love. Easily add new photos, arrange them in the right order, and add or edit captions that can be read by search engines.
  • Services Pages
    By breaking out each product and/or service you offer to separate pages, you can keep your visitors engaged longer on your website and improve your rank on search engines like Google. You can also guide users intentionally through your sales funnel and educate them on your processes.
  • Staff Pages
    Put a face to the name by creating engaging pages which showcase your staff’s photos, videos, and introductions.
  • Testimonials
    Build trust and credibility for your brand by showcasing testimonials from your customers, clients, and raving fans. Take it a step further by including a head shot with each testimonial.
  • Video Library
    Keep visitors on your website longer and give them a more engaging experience than text and images ever could with video. Videos can often tell a story faster and with more pizzazz than traditional media. Give your audience multiple options for consuming your content with a video library.



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