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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


At Chrysalis Web Development it’s our goal to help your business grow and attract more ideal clients. Your website will be built from beginning to end with fully integrated search engine optimization to ensure that you will be found online and make a big impact in your market.


Optimizing Your Site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To enable better search engine optimization on your website, we research and use keyword phrases that your specific clients are using to search for companies, products, and services like yours online. We optimize your website and online profiles for search engines like Google by researching specific keyword phrases and including them in relevant locations on each page of your website.

Once we have completed our initial keyword research for your business, we choose several keyword options for each page. During our meeting together we will choose the keyword phrases that apply best to each page of your website. The more specific the keyword phrases are, the better chance your website has of being found and generating sales.


Search Engine Optimization Keyword Integration

Once we have chosen the specific keywords that apply best to your business, we will integrate them throughout your website. We will include these keyword phrases in your site’s URL, navigation menu, page headlines, page titles, and more. We will follow a specific step-by-step checklist to choose and implement the best keyword options for your business’ success. This makes it easy for search engines such as Google to determine what information is on that page and how to rank it.

Did you know that search engines rank specific web pages and not whole websites? Search engines assess each page’s content for relevance, authority, and significance. Because of this, it’s important to keep your website updated and full of relevant, high traffic, SEO keywords.


Further increase your online visibility

  • Marketing Strategies: Chrysalis Web Development connects you with marketing systems that target your ideal client and are specific to your business.
  • Mobile Marketing: Having a mobile website makes it easier for users to find your business on the go.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing can help to drive traffic back to your website on an ongoing basis.
  • Email Marketing: Stay at top of the minds of your customers while consistently providing them with value by utilizing email marketing.
  • Video Marketing: Attract more traffic and brand awareness with the use of video marketing.
  • Blog Writing: Chrysalis Web Development can help you generate more traffic to your website by keeping your business blog fresh and consistently updated.
  • Local Business Listings: Generate more online traffic and brand credibility by using local business listings.


Reporting and Analytics

Chrysalis Web Development provides reporting through Google Analytics and WordPress to help you manage your website’s performance on search engines. You’ll receive a weekly report via email, login access to both reporting systems for additional reporting, and training on how to interpret these reports.

Chrysalis Web Development is fully committed to your success and we are happy to be part of your marketing team to generate more traffic to your website and clients for your business using powerful search engine optimization strategies.



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