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Mobile Marketing

Neuropsychological Services of Oregon Website

We design and build mobile marketing websites for quick contact, readability, and simplicity that provide your clients with fast, seamless user experience. A fully optimized mobile website makes it easy for your customers to find what they need and get in touch with you on the go.


Optimized Website Design for Smartphones and Tablets

Your customers are using all types of devices to view your website. From iPads and iPhones to laptops and PCs, no matter the device, your website needs to be ready. As of early 2014 mobile internet traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. With over one billion smartphones being used worldwide your website needs to be optimized for mobile to keep your customers engaged.


Make it Easy for Customers to Find You

Chrysalis Web Development develops mobile marketing websites for ease of use, quick contact, readability, and simplicity. We want your customers and website visitors to easily navigate your website without having to pinch to zoom in and out. All of the technology on your website, including Google Maps, will resize to the size of the mobile device. Your website will also include a click-to-call feature which is connected to your business phone number, making it easy and quick for customers to call you.

Whether your customers turn to Google or Siri to search for your products or services, our mobile marketing websites rely on quality keywords and search engine optimization.


Mobile Responsive Websites for More Responsive Customers

Mobile responsive websites are built so the layout responds and adjusts to the size of the screen that it’s being viewed on. This ensures that website visitors get the experience and information they are looking for no matter the size of their device. In a study done by Google, local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit businesses as opposed to only 34% of PC users. Mobile users act quickly and your website should cater this quick action.


One Responsive Website, Many Advantages

By developing responsive websites which include fast loads times and simple navigation, Chrysalis Web Development delivers many advantages which are essential for a positive user experience. Unlike adaptive websites which require a different version of the website for each device, a responsive website allows for faster and easier updates since there is only one version of the site for all devices.


Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Over 90% of mobile internet usage is for social activities like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. It’s increasingly important that your mobile marketing system incorporate social media marketing to help attract more ideal customers to your business.


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